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Need some help getting motivated to train or want to improve your fitness?...


My name is Leanne Smith, and I am a professional fitness coach based at PrimeFit 24/7 Gym. I specialise in personal training and corporate training.  


I aim to make things fun, varied and achievable, AND you get a workout. 

Don't delay; call today to start your health and fitness goals! Don't know what your goals are? Let me help you set some!


You've got nothing to lose!

Leanne Smith


Personal Training


Personal training is customised one-on-one training with programs designed to suit your individual needs.

Leanne Smith's personal training sessions suit all clients, but especially those who are:

  • New to training and would like to learn how to use gym equipment and correct technique

  • If you are not confident or comfortable in a group fitness environment

  • Specific fitness goals or needs that require tailoring

  • To advance training and technique 

  • Specific weight loss, fitness or strength goals 

Personal training sessions are available at PrimeFit 24/7 Gym. 


All equipment is provided. It is recommended you wear sports clothes, suitable footwear, and bring a drink and a towel. 


Group Training 

Group training is a HITT and short circuit style training in a small group of 4 - 6 clients, it is fun, but we are also serious about getting fit and having a good workout.

As Leanne gets to know you and your goals throughout the sessions tips and recommendations will be given to assist in improving your technique to improve your workout.


Leanne is happy to adapt exercises for beginners or clients rehabilitating an injury, allowing you to take the class at your own pace.

​Classes usually start with an intro and warm-up activity and then the circuit will be explained and demonstrated. Each station is set up and you will move through each activity. The activities will be timed.

Group training sessions are available at PrimeFit 24/7 Gym

- Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 6am - 6:45am

- Tuesday - 9:15am - 10am 


All equipment provided. It is recommended you wear sports clothes, good footwear, and bring a drink and a towel. 



Sports Nutrition

Leanne Gym-16.jpg

Leanne has completed her certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition. Leanne can customise one-on-one nutrition programs to suit your individual needs and goals.

All clients could benefit from Leanne Smith's sports nutrition sessions, but especially those who are:

  • Training and would like to ensure they are meeting their sporting nutritional needs

  • If you are not confident with the type of nutrition, you need to train more efficiently

  • Specific goals or conditions that require a tailored sports nutrition plan 

  • Support and accountability to improve sports nutrition

  • Typical weight loss, fitness or strength goals 

Sports nutrition consultations are available at PrimeFit 24/7 Gym or online. 




"I’ve been seeing Leanne twice a week for nearly a year now and she’s absolutely awesome!!!! She is encouraging and motivating in all the right ways. She is always organised and punctual but also laid back and always positive!!! I love the sessions I have with her and couldn’t recommend her enough.


"Leanne is the best always positive and works around you with everything didn’t think I would be able to work out again with my baby. I would recommend her to everyone"


"I’ve been seeing Leanne for 3-4 months now, twice a week and I’m loving it! She’s motivating and knowledgeable and knows just the right amount of pushing I need. I’m feeling stronger, fitter and motivated to be the best version of myself!!!"


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