Week 2 - It's My Birthday and I'll Walk if I want to

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

10 Weeks Out

After a great weekend with friends, family, training and meal prep, I was ready and prepared for week 2 of 12 to begin. BUT who knew that you could go from one extreme to the other? Actually, by now I should know that this is very true and by now you’d think I would know how to recognise these triggers and feelings. .

"Competition or no competition, life throws us challenges everyday. It’s up to us how we deal with these challenges: Get up, brush it off, move forward and learn from the experience."  

Week 2/12

As Monday evening approached, I found myself home alone (which should have been my first warning sign). A similar situation I would find myself in when my eating disorder was at its peak. If you’re not familiar with eating disorders, the smallest thing can set us off… anything from a comment someone has made, eating something that makes us feel ‘guilty’ or even as simple as being bored.  Old habits die-hard and like any situation, if we don’t have the right tools in place, all the hard work done goes out the window. This is exactly what happened Monday night....

One extra meal turned into a few extra meals and before I knew it I was in the bathroom throwing it all back up.  Too much info? Too bad, that’s the reality of my life and my relationship with food. With the guilt of Monday night still in my thoughts, I tell myself, Tuesday is a new day, there is nothing I can do about what’s