Week 0 - Meal #3 of 6

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

My 12 week journey to competing in my first body physique competition.

As I sit here with meal #3 of 6, long black and my 2 year old nephew who is now preoccupied with pen and paper in place of crying his eyes out, I start my first blog.

It has only just occurred to me that I have no idea what a blog is and how to get started.  This has been on my bucket list for years but something, like many things. I have put off. 

“ I use the term suffering as that's exactly what it feels like. Not only for the individual, but also for those around who experience this disorder second hand.  ”

12 Weeks

Now, before I get started, there are a few important things you should know and the reason behind this (some might say crazy and 'unhealthy') adventure. 

I am soon to be 29, the youngest of 3 and have lived in Perth nearly 7 years. Originally from NZ, my family and I have gradually relocated ourselves to Perth. 

Whilst spending the past 10 years in and out of jobs, relationships (good and bad) and various houses. I have also spent the past 10 years with a deep and deadly secret that has lead me to push people away and isolate myself from social situations and building close friendships and relationships with the people I met. A deep and deadly disorder that is not talked about nearly enough and that many people, maybe even you reading this suffers with, has suffered with or knows someone suffering.

I use the term suffering