Week 10/11

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

1-2 Weeks Out

The past two weeks have flown by with a few cold mornings but also a few stunning days to make up for it. Summer is definitely on its way and a reminder that I need to get my air con fixed in my car (hint hint Brother Braden). I’ve noticed that as it gets warmer, training becomes a little more intense and the importance of staying hydrated is evidently clear.

Week 10-11/12

During the colder weeks I could get through a whole session without dripping a sweat, but now after the first set my body temperature has increased and the sweating begins. If I’m not hydrated before a session, I noticed how much harder the session is and recovery takes longer. At times I’ve felt light headed and dizzy and often need to sit for a few minutes to rest. I drink EAAs while I train which does help with hydration and recovery but there’s no better way to stay hydrated than with water throughout the day.

After a week with NO carbs, the day finally came where I was to introduce one post carb meal into my diet Friday Saturday and Sunday. As much as I was looking forward to my post workout oats, my stomach was not ready. It only took 10 minutes before it all came back up again. My body had adjusted to smaller meals and the slight change was a bit of a shock to the system. Not necessarily a bad thing, just proof that the body gets used to consistency and any changes can be a bit uncomfortable. Never the less, by day three I was feeling back to normal and enjoying the well deserved post work out carbs.

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first group posing class with 6 other stunning ladies most of which also competing in their first physique comp. Over coming the nerves, it was really nice to talk to others going through a similar experience where we could laugh and talk openly about how we were feeling and what changes we were noticing. Despite the different ages, body types and categories each of us would be entering, it was very clear that each of us had put in the hard work of training, following a specific nutrition plan and dedicating ourselves to the process.

It just so happens that my Mum and brother's birthdays fall on the same day, which has proven to be very handy when arranging family events. Trying to arrange eight adults and one toddler to meet in a specific place at a specific time can prove difficult at times. Either way, we managed to arrange a surprise family dinner for mum (my brother refuses to accept that it’s his birthday) at a lovely Brewery South of Perth. While I watched my Brother-in-law enjoy his massive wood fire pizza and Braden devour his chicken pamly, I stick to the plan and eat my way through some chicken tenders and steamed veg I managed to order from the side menu. Oh and not to mention the amazing cake my sister made that I had to look at for two hours during dinner! See picture and you’ll understand my pain lol.

I’ve really enjoyed my Sunday walks with whomever I can drag along with me. One of my amazing clients and good friend Jess has spent the last few Sundays exploring different parks and walking tracks around Perth. This week took us to Lesmurdie Falls up in the Hills. A dog and child friendly location suitable for all fitness levels with stunning views of Perth city and surrounding suburbs.

Last Sunday walk took us to Ellis Brooke Valley reserve, another pet friendly hike through the trails of Perth. This trail was one of the more challenging walks we had come across with a few technical up and down rocky pathways. I was lucky enough to have Kady (the Sheppard) drag me up and down the hilly parks of the track.

Officially 2 weeks to go and I cannot wait. Comp time is creeping up quickly bit at the same time it feels like a long time coming. Mixed emotions but mostly excited. Or maybe I’m just excited about the post comp breakfast!!

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