Week 12 + Final

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Competition Week

With less than 2 weeks to go, the countdown is on! I am well aware that there is still a lot of work to do, I am still feeling motivated and taking advantage of having a few hours to myself during the day in between clients and appointments.

Week 12 + Competition

Trainer Steve hit me with a double leg session this week. Very acceptable and almost expected to train legs 2-3 times a week however for the previous two weeks I was down to only one leg session so a double up was a bit of a shock to the system. With that said, I had the absolute pleasure of sharing my last leg session of the challenge with a training buddy. The first time I have trained with someone else, including a trainer (Trainer Steve lives over East) in over 6 months. This special lady and great friend ditched me about 3 years ago to go traveling around the worked with her partner. Her punishment upon return….. Leg circuit!! But not only the leg circuit, while Mike and Briar were visiting Perth I made the most of them and dragged them along to two other training sessions. Luckily for them it was only an hour walk where we took a stroll from Scarborough Beach through Trigg and a few days later we went over the new Optus Stadium Bridge linking East Perth to Burswood. Apparently a lot has changed in Perth over 3 years. As well as the 2x 1-hour walks I dragged Mike and Briar along too, I also had the usual 45 minutes on the stepper at the gym. This regular activity has proven to be a slow and boring way to pass time (in case anyone was curious).

Surprisingly the week leading up to comp flew by with a busy schedule of classes, PT clients and my own training and meal prep not leaving much time for anything else.

To give you an idea and appreciation of what happens the day of comp might make you think twice about being quick to judge competitors on what they put themselves through. Yes, a lot of glitz, glamour and fake everything, but also a lot of hard work, MONEY and dedication is involved during this process.

It’s the final countdown and the show preparation actually started on Friday evening when I had to get my first spray done. And when I say first spray tan, I mean there were two layers of tan applied. And not just any tan, the darkest tan you can get!! TWO layers of it!! Oh and also we are not allowed to wash it off either so you could imagine the surprise my housemate got when I arrived home later that night. Laughter was her first response followed by the reaching for her cell phone to take photos and videos (yes while still laughing).

That night I carefully sat on the white leather couch with the protection of an old blanket to make sure the fake tan didn’t go everywhere. Now that I think back, with all Sarah’s laughing at my expense I should have rolled around on her couch as payback (Hindsight). I ensured that my white sheets were changed over to the darkest sheets I could find in the cupboard, sleeping that night covered in fake tan felt like I’d rolled around in the dirt before jumping into bed. Oh and for those unfamiliar with fake tanning, the tan gets darker over time so waking up in the morning was a shock to the system. I didn’t think it was possible I could get any darker, but I was wrong! Oh so wrong.


Nail appointment $50 – 45 minutes

Make up appointment $80 – 90 minutes

Hair appointments x2 $165 – 120 minutes

Spray Tan x3 layers $60 – 30 minutes

Jewelry that I was lucky enough to borrow from friends

Stage shoes $40

ICN Registration $150

Comp Entry Fee $210

Posing classes leading up to the event $65 a pop, weekly gym membership, online training program $300, plus the day off work I took to complete the preparation and endless supermarket trips for food and supplies.

Now don’t get me wrong I have no complaints, just giving you an idea of what’s involved and the costs and sacrifice that goes into these types of events. These costs are a minimum; there are competitors who competed in a member of categories requiring different outfits, shoes and jewelry not to mention those, who have been competing for years.

The event itself was amazing filled with inspirational figures ranging from first timers (me), experienced competitors, mums, dads and over 40s from all walks of life with their own story and reasons for getting on stage. It was a long day with my events not starting until 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

Despite the disappointment I felt when my number was not called to the top half of competitors on stage, my amazing support crew of family and friends were there to pick me up and give me all the encouragement I needed. It’s crazy the think you spend 12 intense weeks of training leading up to the event to be on stage and judged for about 2 minutes. A harsh reality but an incredible experience and experience that I am very grateful for.

Everyone has been curious about my first post comp meal, I’m sorry to say that it was not as exciting as I had imagined or planned. I didn’t get home until late and had no desire to stop for takeaways or order Uber eats so I went to the next best thing… leftover chicken and broccoli (old habits die hard) but made a little more exciting with BBQ sauce. I even had rice cakes left that were amazing with the home made strawberry jam (thanks to my sister and nephew), followed by ¼ glass of red wine as that’s all it took to feel the affects of alcohol after 12 weeks of not drinking.

Sunday morning I had planned to take myself out for breakfast and order a proper breakfast but after a little sleep in, I was really not in the mood for anything. I at least resorted to carbs like any normal person and found myself eating oats with protein and nuts. Later that even I did manage to get my sweet potato fries that I had been going on about the past few weeks and yes there were every bit amazing and delicious.

Feeling lost at the supermarket on Monday afternoon, the option to buy anything I wanted was much too overwhelming that I found myself back in the meat and veg aisle picking up my usual order. Before I knew it I was back home in the kitchen meal prepping and eating a meal of chicken and veg. Only this time chicken with sweet chilly sauce….ohh yum. How I have missed sweet chilly sauce.

I sit here in the café writing my final blog looking at the cabinet of cakes and treats and honestly, it doesn’t interest me at all. I thought I would have been jumping at the chance to dig into a raw cake and add some almond milk back into my coffee but strangely enough, here I am with my long black thinking about where I’ll be able to heat up my next meal that’s sitting in my cooler bag in the car. Will I feel this way next week? I have no idea, but for now I am enjoying the process and trying not to over think anything (something I am usually very good at).

Is my eating disorder cured? No, definitely not! Do I have a better understanding of my self-control and ways to avoid my Eating Disorder (ED) behaviours? Absolutely.

Unfortunately like any illness/condition/disorder, whatever you may call it, for most people including myself, it’s not necessarily something that will ever go away just something that needs to be managed and controlled as best we can. Usually this means putting ourselves out of our comfort zone and challenging ourselves. It doesn’t mean every day will be perfect but if I can feel normal and in control more often than not then that’s an accomplishment in itself.

Last bit of advise – take responsibility for your own life and your own actions. If you’re not happy with those actions, take new actions. There’s no point blaming anyone or anything for what’s happened or happening. Only you can take responsibility and move forward in the direction you want. I’m not usually one for cliche BS you cant argue with a classic cliche.

'Kicking my disorder one rep at a time' 

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