Week 3 = Less Carbs

9 Weeks Out

Week 3 of 12 began with some devastating news from my trainer.  So devastating in fact that I am finding it difficult to talk about. As mentioned in my previous blog, meal prep and following a very specific meal plan can be very challenging at times both physically and mentally. You’ll often hear people talking about a ‘cheat meal’! This is one meal a week of choice that requires no measuring, no calorie counting and most importantly no guilt. 

"There is a lot of training to be done. Each day has a set program to work through which takes about an hour in the gym. No rest days, no easy days and no excuses."  

Week 3/12

Last week my trainer instructed me to increase this ‘cheat meal’ to twice a week following leg and back training days (Monday and Friday)! Perfect I thought. But little did I know, the sooner it was given the sooner it was taken away. Therefore, my devastating news this week… NO cheat meals at all!

I’ve gone from 1 to 2 to 0, all in the space of a week. Oh, and to top it off, I’ve lost one carb meal per day. For those of you who are familiar with the feeling of being hangry, this becomes a common emotion when cutting carbs. On the plus side, I’ve noticed small changes in my body mainly in my stomach… probably the result of hunger (lol).

It’s Monday already and the beginning of week 3. My routine is set with a plan in place and I’m feeling much more organised and in control. Control is what an eating disorder is all about, right? But I mean control as in; I am aware of my triggers, I know where I can go to for support and its only 9 more weeks, right?

But in all seriousness, I had no idea of the massive difference I’ve noticed by one small change. And when I say small change, I mean removing 100g of rice from one of my meals each day. Imagine the difference you could make by removing one small thing from your daily routine… one can of coke, one chocolate bar, one bag of chips, one alcoholic beverage. Challenge, how about replacing that one item with one glass of water, one piece of fruit or an extra serving of veg?

The remainder of my week has been good with no major issues to report.  The constant reminder of the importance of being organised has hit me though like a tone of bricks. Being unorganised is not an option in this game! With a 4.45am alarm and morning classes and PT clients, I am out the door with lunch and training bag in hand by 5.15am. With 6 meals a day to get through, 5 are prepped and travel with me throughout the day (wherever I end up). More often than not, I find myself eating between appointments while on the run. The only meal I get to sit down and enjoy is dinner AKA meal #6. I don’t really go by breakfast, lunch and dinner these days; it’s by meal numbers.

While juggling work, meal prep and socialising... who am I kidding, there is no socialising happening!! There is a lot of training to be done. Each day has a set program to work through which takes about an hour in the gym. No rest days, no easy days and no excuses. I guess the benefit of having an Interstate trainer is that it makes it harder for me to complain to him or make excuses. My training is planned into my day the same way my meals are. Not training is not an option. No doubt the training will get harder as my nutrition changes and meals are reduced, but for now I’m enjoying the feeling of being motivated.

With all that said, I’m enjoying the process and looking forward to seeing some results in proof that hard work does pay off. It’s not always easy but it is possible.

What changes do you what to make? What can you do today to help achieve your goals?

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