Week 5

7 Weeks Out

Another week down and some new and interesting challenges, both mentally and physically. Trainer Steve introduced me to my first cardio session of intervals this week.

Now, yes I am very familiar with cardio and interval training but after about 6 months of weight training and minimal cardio, 45 minutes on the rowing machine was a bit of a shock to the system. 20 second sprints and 40 second steady x20, I was sweating and ready to lay flat on my back. There was more to follow, 25 minutes to finish at a steady pace. Yes on the rower. Not my favourite session but I was happy to finish and felt amazing for the rest of the day.

"One small change each day helps push you in the right direction, whatever that direction may be."    

Week 5/12

Week 5

New diet changes this week too and I’m down a meal every other day. One meal cut may not seem like such a big deal but I can assure you that I noticed the change straight away. Our bodies get used to regular training and specific diets and that’s why it’s important to change things up if you want to see results. Likewise, our bodies get used to no exercise, over eating and the feeling of being tired, sluggish and bloated that becomes a normal feeling that we choose to accept. 

Recently I have been having similar conversations with client’s about diet and training. The simple fact is that you cannot out train your diet.  No excuse or amount of justification will change this (trust me I’ve tried. A few times in fact). If you want to see changes in yourself, you need to address your diet and lifestyle.

I am not a qualified nutritionist or dietitian, however, I have invested time and money into someone with the knowledge and experience in this field. With commitment, trust and perseverance, results are starting to show. Now I didn’t say it was easy and yes of course I have had slip-ups, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once.

One small change each day helps push you in the right direction, whatever that direction may be.  

Blast from the past…. While on my walk around Lake Monger on Tuesday, I couldn’t help but notice a VERY under weight lady also conducting her morning walk.  So many thoughts came rushing to me with my first being “I know exactly what she’s doing and I can only guess what’s she’s thinking”….. Counting calories, calculating how long she needs to walk to burn off the calories and trying to guess how many calories her next meal will be. Why would I be thinking this? Because this is exactly what I used to do! A daily battle of calorie counting and making excuses as to why I wasn’t eating or why I wasn’t hungry. Seeing this lady reminded me of how skinny I used to be and how much energy I didn’t have. I would push my body to the limits without fueling it correctly. Try driving a car that’s over due for a service, not so smooth is it? Long story short, this was a little reminder of how far I have come in overcoming my eating disorder and how much better I feel.

After a week of new challenges, it ended with a perfect day up in the Hills of Kalamunda. An hours walk through the old golf course with the only personal training client who doesn’t complain, - Miss Kady the German Sheppard and I enjoyed our stroll through the bush and looking forward to new challenges and experiences next week.

P.S I borrowed an air-fryer from a friend.... AMAZING!!! Life changed!!! Cooking hack!!! You're welcome :) 

“Every day is another chance to get stronger, to eat better, to live healthier, and to be the best version of you.” —Unknown

'Kicking my disorder one rep at a time' 

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