Week 7

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

5 Weeks Out

Since my career change from Real Estate into the fitness industry, my gym washing has increased… o I dunno maybe by 100%!!!! The days of pretty dresses and blazers hanging on the clothesline have long gone. Now all you’ll find is socks… so many socks, gym tights and tops and most importantly sports bras. All things a girl can NEVER have too much of.  I can’t even remember the last time I wore high heels during the day. But the comfort…. O so much comfort hanging out in my Ascent Apparel tights and ADIDAS kicks all day. .

Week 7/12

Week 7

With a new gym program designed by Trainer Steve for the second half of the challenge, my body has been ‘shocked’ with the changes therefore allowing new muscle groups to be worked and develop. It doesn’t take long for our bodies to get used to a routine, therefore the importance or changing weights, exercises and reps is critical for development.

With this new program came a slightly altered diet and MORE cardio. 45 minutes worth twice a week plus the 60 minute walk on Sundays. But at least I get to choose the cardio right? Hmmmm would I like to spend 45 minutes on the rower, the bike or the stepper? Out of all of the choices I get to make every day, this is my least favorite. AND for those who are familiar with the following issue, you’ll completely understand when I confirm that my hair washing routine is panned around these cardio days.  No amount of dry shampoo can sort out 45 minutes on a rowing machine.