Week 8

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

4 Weeks Out

I can’t believe another week is done and dusted and I have 5 weeks to go. It seems crazy to think I am well over half way but I know there is still a lot of work to be done. More training, more diet changes and more posing classes.

Week 8/12

Week 8

I must admit, posing and the thought of being on stage scares the life out of me. I had my second posing class this week with Deb (an absolute professional in her field) and she makes posing look and sound like a walk in the park….. trust me it's not!! I’ve tried….TWICE!!! There is so much more to it that I ever imagined. My back was sore for 2 days after my session from holding poses and tensing. I felt like I’d had a second work out for the day. While holding and tensing you also must remember to smile, something I have clearly not mastered (as per photos). Deb has her work cut out for her and I have some practicing to do.

Trainer Steve has me on a carb cycling diet this week, one day of carb meals, one day of high protein meals. While getting used to regular carbs in each meal, I noticed a massive decrease in energy levels on non carb days. Now I must re-remind you that the altering of my diet and training throughout the past 8 weeks has been specifically tailored to me and closely monitored by a health professional to ensure I am getting the right amount of calories and macros. This is not just something I have decided to make up myself and play around with.

With a change in diet also comes unwanted changes to the body and I warn you now, TMI coming your way… feeling bloated and blocked is a common symptom and one that I have come across over the past week. There’s nothing worse than feeling fit, healthy and strong but then feeling uncomfortable from bloating. Not an uncommon feeling for me as I have experienced tummy issues for years but when I know I am eating a 'clean' diet, it is still frustrating even though I know it will pass over time.

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting through a 4-hour training course earlier this week with 50 other Real Estate Agents. Did I say pleasure? I meant to say torture! Despite my recent career change into the Fitness Industry, I thought it was important to keep my Sales Registration valid, which requires regular training throughout the year. A decision I was regretting upon my 4th cup of coffee 2 hours in the presentation. Despite the caffeine shakes, I was happy to stumble my way out of the class room at 12pm. I’d never moved so quickly to the car to inhale my 2nd meal of the day that was well overdue!

I wanted to apologies for last week’s blog video. Well not really apologies, as I don’t think anyone needs to apologies for how they feel but by the end of last week I was shattered and emotions everywhere. I promised myself I would keep this blog as honest as possible and that was how I was feeling. Thankfully this week no unexplainable crying, maybe just the odd snap (sorry Alan) not long to go!!

Despite the amazing beach photos from this week, we have had some chilly mornings and days here in Perth. I’ve found having a good routine and plan in place each day has helped to keep myself organized, motivated and accountable. Work clothes are out the night before (as I don’t function well at 4.30am when my alarm goes off). My training bag is also packed the night before along with my meals that are prepped and ready to grab and go from the fridge when I leave. I’ve got my evening routine down to a fine art which has allowed me an extra 15 minute sleep in, less stress in the morning and feeling organized throughout the day knowing I have everything I need. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve learnt a few lessons the hard way but believe me, I’ll never forget a spoon, gym towel, socks or undies ever again!!!

Just a quick shout out to Trainer Steve, I’m really enjoying the extra ncardio sessions. There’s nothing more enjoyable than 45 minutes on that amazing stepper machine at the gym. Sorry to you hint a bit of sarcasm? Me? Never ☺

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