Week 9

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

3 Weeks Out

As another week passes and new changes to my diet and training plan take place, my body quickly learns to adjust. With a decrease in calories accompanied with a decrease in energy levels leaves me feeling tired and drained.

Week 9/12

Week 9

Have you ever been so low in energy that you couldn’t think straight and you made no sense when you spoke or tried to explain things? Well, this is how I felt all week. My head has been scattered and my mind wondering all over the place. Not ideal while trying to run classes or explain exercises. I had to revert to a lot of movements and demonstrations rather than explaining. Please note, I make light of the situation but take the safety of my classes very seriously. My clients are aware and understand what this 12 week challenge entails and have been very supportive (minus the slight teasing when I muddle my words).

This proved accurate while spending an hour with the amazing Deb, my posing teacher who has the patience of a saint. As I stare blankly at her, Deb slowly goes through each pose with me again (and again) as it slowly registers in my mind. But getting the information from my mind to my body is another story…. Lets just say Deb and I shared a few laughs (at my expense) and I have some practicing to do.

Thursday morning, o what a classic ‘pre comp’ brain moment. While bragging about my amazing organization skills last week, I completely proved myself wrong. As I pulled into the driveway after a long morning of classes and clients and knowing I had a few hours to eat and rest before training, I reach for my house keys only to realize they are safely locked inside the house on the key rack. I can live without the rest, but not the microwave. Lets just say that raw broccoli doesn’t taste very good and wont be on the menu ever again!!

I had yet another classic ‘moment’ in the gym earlier in the week. While getting warmed up for my leg session I casually add a few weights to the rack ready for squats. I usually warm up and start my light set at 60kg. Luckily I took second glace before I stated as I'd accidentally put on 100kg. However to my surprise I did manage a squat PB 90kg for 6 reps. My usual rep range on a heavy leg day is 80kgs for 8 reps x2 sets so maybe that 100kg squat is not as out of reach as I thought. But maybe I’ll leave that for a post comp challenge when I’m not carb deprived.

Sunday morning I found myself heading back up to the Hills of Kalumunda to meet friends for another adventure through the trails. My training program consists of a 60-minute walk on Sundays so I try and go somewhere different each week dragging along anyone I can. This walk took us to the Statham Quarry in Gooseberry Hill. A walk we found through Trails WA and we could not have chosen a better day to go exploring. The weather was amazing and the views breathtaking. I wont take any credit for us getting through the loop without getting lost as if it had been left to me to navigate, we may not have returned. Luckily for Jess and I, we had a qualified navigator and his trusty trail map APP. Thanks Boja, you are the official navigator of the group and invited back on our next walk.

As it becomes very clear, this stage of the comp prep is not a maintainable and sustainable lifestyle. Low energy, feeling tired and scattered is not a way of life. Yes a great experience that I am grateful for and one that I enjoy sharing with you but one that has made me appreciate the importance of good health and fitness. This challenge has also made me appreciate my body and the dedication I have set for myself. Yes a very selfish challenge but one that has taught me a lot about self control and accountability. I've learnt to trust my trainer and trust the process even when I didn't think it was possible but weeks later, the results have started to show. It certainly did not happen over night but it is happening.

I’m not going to lie; it has been a tough week. Reduced calories, low energy but the same amount of training, this week was more a mental battle than anything else. Would I do this challenge again, yes I absolutely would. Am I looking forward to a burger and wine at the end of it, yes I absolutely am.

PS If you’re looking for a way to distract your PT during a session, arrange to have a puppy visit during the session. It will work every time (as Sarah found out on Saturday).

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