RAW, honest and open confessions of a personal trainer....

As many of you know, I recently competed in this years ICN body building competition and my 3rd body transformation over 3 years. While working to achieve an unrealistic physique, I also put my mind and body through an enormous amount of stress pushing me to my limits.

With body fat at less than 10%, there are a lot of health factors that we (who compete) choose to ignore, in order to achieve ‘the perfect physique’ including hormone imbalances, mood swings, low energy levels and irregular/no periods for months at a time.

Why do I do this!?  A sense of control and purpose. 
What happens post comp? A sense of loss and defeat.

With no goals or systems in place post comp, I was left spiraling out of control. With no care or second thought to what I was putting in my body, clothes are getting tight, skin is dry, acne is present and worst of all, I feel ashamed and I feel I have let my clients down by not taking my own advice.

Soooo.... What am I going to do about it!?  Cleanse my body starting with the gut! And start practicing healthy eating habits 1,2,...30 days at a time. I needed a new, healthier goal and here it is...

Gut health is an extremely important part of our overall health, which can also affect our mental health when not cared for appropriately.