Leanne Smith Personal Trainer is currently working with local Perth based companies; - Colour & Moore Photography, R3 Protein powder, Freehand Wines and Mama Clothing -  maternity wear. 


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R3 Protein


Produced from high quality, 100% natural ingredients, allowing your body to


Our products have been carefully developed to contain only the ingredients your body DOES need and nothing you don’t, meaning our entire range is free from artificial colours, sweeteners and nasty fillers your body can’t process.

Optimising recovery and results is heavily reliant on the essential and timely process of refueling, restoring and reviving muscle tissue post exercise. Combining science with the experience of our professional athletes, we have devised an amino breakdown that is specifically designed for optimum absorption and subsequently, optimum results. Unlike solid foods, R3 Protein takes less than 30 minutes to reach the muscles after ingestion, providing an efficient, high quality and tasty way to effectively recover and help you achieve your goals. 

Our single serve portions are ideal when you need a quick hit of protein on the run or when you’re away from home. Whether you’re in the gym, on the track, or out on the road - R3 Protein is designed to get you where you need to go.

We are proud to say R3 Protein is 100% Australian owned with all products made in Australia using high standard local ingredients where possible.

Freehand -  Organic Preservative Free Wines

Made from estate grown organic/biodynamic grapes, with maximum attention, minimal intervention and no added preservatives nature a freehand. 

Mama Clothing 


A brand born from necessity and the collective mindset of the inspiring women that make our village. Founded in February 2016, each Mama Clothing garment is designed with the modern mum and her needs at heart in Melbourne, Victoria.

Enabling mamas to nurse their babes in comfort, we believe that getting dressed should be the easiest part of any breastfeeding journey. We are committed to designing pieces that fit, flatter and co ordinate to make up the perfect nursing wardrobe, as you embark on your journey to motherhood in style.

Stylish - Comfortable - Nourishing


Not just a breastfeeding label, Mama Clothing is a lifestyle.



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