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About Leanne

I always knew my passion was in health and fitness. After working in Real Estate for 7 years, I made the decision to proceed with a career change and completed my cert III and IV in personal training. I knew immediately that a personal trainer was a perfect combination of my interests, history, skills and experience.


Growing up in New Zealand I was usually found outdoors playing with my siblings, climbing a tree or riding a bike. During high school I played netball and volleyball at a national secondary school level; travelling around the country to play and compete is how my background in fitness started and how I developed my competitive nature. During my school exchange to Tucson, Arizona, United States, I continued to compete in sports, but this time in track in field, where I was able to develop new skills and fitness.


While in America I developed an eating disorder, dropping 16kg from my already small frame. I became obsessed with weight and slowly ate less and less. Although my battle with anorexia was short-lived, I began the slow recovery process by developing bulimia (which, believe it or not, is part of the slow recovery). I struggled with the binge and purging of this terrible disease for many years.


Slowly, I managed to overcome this disease by fuelling my body with good foods, going to the gym and realising that my body was better strong than skinny, it was better to be fit and healthy than focusing on food and weight. I learned how to fuel and train my body. I can say that today I am in recovery from my eating disorder.  I hope to work with other people with eating disorders to help them to recover as I did. I feel that this experience will help me have a better understanding of people and their relationship with food and exercise and the struggles they face.


When I moved to Perth in 2012, I continued to train and try new activities, but nothing seemed to stick. Finally, I discovered trail running and competed in the Summer Series. I was surprised when I started placing in a few races. I enjoyed the social aspect, the adventure, freedom and the challenge of running outdoors. I especially liked the thrill of night races. In 2018 I completed a figure fitness competition, although this was a great experience and I learnt a lot about nutrition and fitness, I realised it was not a healthy lifestyle to maintain. Instead, the last few years have seen me return to netball for the winter season, and I love the team vibe, outdoors and challenge.


Training and nutrition have become essential in my life, and I finally understand the importance of being organised and looking after my body. I hope that you will join me on my journey to a fitter, healthier self.


For more information on how I can help you, contact me! 


Leanne Smith X

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